Blackburn Rovers - Boycott planned for Wolves at home
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Boycott planned for Wolves at home

Blackburn Rovers supporters groups and websites have started to plan an organised boycott for the upcoming Wolves home match on the 6th October 2012.

With Rovers under pressure with many already staying away due to the fact that Steve Kean is still manager it seems the push is on to crank up the pressure on Venky's and with attendances down already the fans may have finally found a way to show the owners how important a fan base is to a football club.

Shebby Singh, Rovers Global Advisor, has already admitted this week that clubs like Rovers are reliant on match day income and it might not be feasible for them to sustain the club on the current attendance figures.

At the moment it is calculated that Rovers are losing approx 125,000 per home match in terms of ticket sales, average season ticket shortfall, food and drink income and hospitality sales.

With that in mind supporters groups have decided to make their feelings clear and boycott the home match with Wolves a week on Saturday in reaction to the latest farcical scenes that have resulted in retaining hated manager Steve Kean and the constant refusal to acknowledge the fans in even the most basic form.

I'd like to state on behalf of Vital and myself that the site does not endorse this as a good or bad idea we am merely passing on the information to let Rovers fans themselves make up their own mind. It is not going to be an idea for everyone but strong support for the plans appears to have emerged.

To aid the boycott Rovers fans are chipping in to buy an advert in the Lancashire Telegraph marketing the plans and are aiming to raise 2,000 to cover a 6 day ad campaign which has been reserved.

Donations are coming along quite well (about 350ish last I heard), if you would like to contribute please do....

Paypal Donations are to be made here -

*To avoid paypal fees for both the sender and the receiver do the following :
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Enter email address, amount
Click on the 'Personal' tab and mark the item as a gift.*

Thank you to kind chaps over at BRFCS for this information.

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The Journalist

Writer: Mikey Delap Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday September 26 2012

Time: 3:36PM

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Expecting this to polarise opinions... but about the most effective way of protest yet I'd suspect.
Mikey Delap
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26/09/2012 15:39:00

what a bunch of morons- bloody hell the guy has taken you towards the top three and yet you are still moaning, you should team up with some of the cretins we have and form a league of your own-support your club through good and bad times or ship out.
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26/09/2012 16:43:00

johnwolf- either research what your talking about, or just pipe down. regardless of what you "think" you might know, trust me, you don't. The reason why you have never seen fans act like this is because a club has never been run as farcically as this. its know coincidence that people are not going anymore, people have had it up to their necks with grief and hatred for the whole regime, and have finally fallen out of love with the team, some for ever. And THAT my friend is the disgrace. Never return to this website.
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26/09/2012 17:42:00

"bloody hell the guy has taken you towards the top three". To be fair we're there in spite of him not because of him. If you watch any of ours games this season we've operated at about 50% capacity due to the tactics and system he's opted for. Not to mention his previous record of relegation and basically being a Billy Bull*****ter.
Mikey Delap
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26/09/2012 18:32:00

JohnWolf- He hasn't taken us 'toward the top three'(in the championship, he's dragged us down from the middle of the premiere league and thats only the start of why he has to go!
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26/09/2012 18:55:00

Ambivalent about this but if it works it would be nice to get press coverage that don't focus on threats to the manager.
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26/09/2012 19:50:00

Who is this bitter clown with no knowledge of football???(not steve kean as he's as happy and positive as ever) Johnwolf, you clearly don't watch football out of whatever league your team have been in for what must seem forever. Agree with every other rovers fan here. We the fans, are supporting the club and realise that doing well in championship and playing poorly isn't good enough with Steve Kean still there. We would give it all up for the club to go back to how it used to be run,and for the owners to leave.most would even prefer to be relegated again if it meant we would get new club owners that had us operating in a stable and respectable business manner. As it stands a respectable premiership winning club is now the laughing stock of football,and is being run from India with nothing more than yes men agreeing with them from Ewood every 6 months when they call to check in on things.this clown club with Kean and his merry yes men agreeing with everything Venkys say is destroying the fans and the club.champions league with 5 million spent, no problem sack Big Allardyce and put me in charge ill achieve it. One game away from relegation, I'm not even worried about relegation with a stupid grin as he says it.we cant ultimately control whether the owners go or stay,as it is nothing more than a toy to them,when for blackburn fans we live and breath blue and white. But if fans boycott games it may at least force Venkys to sack Kean,and no matter who we will have a manager 10 times better than the clown in charge of things for nearly 2 years despite having one of the worst managerial records in not just our history,but english football history. Thanks to Shebby Singh, who at least has enough integrity to criticise Kean and not just agree with owners, it looks like Venkys really are thinking of pulling the trigger due to huge revenue losses due to not sacking Kean. Shebby is quietly putting the pressure on to sack him and not publicly backing him.But Venkys have proved in their reign of terror that they are obsessed with Kean and have been ultra slow in firing him.They are clearly starting to contemplate a change and it is up to Rovers fans to help give these idiots a little further push. Boycott these home-games and force them into finally making a change. STEVE KEAN OUT
Report Abuse
26/09/2012 21:36:00

You Rovers fans should be thankfull for Jack Walker otherwise you would never had the Premiership years you had , you spent 8m on one player this year so yeah your owners are really really bad , yes they dont attend games which is bad I admit but when you was in the premiership you still paid big wages and spent decent money too , Dann wasn't cheap I know that , Hoillet , Yakubu and many more were on double the wage our club paid , the be all and end all with you moaning lot is you were used to an old man in Walker splashing silly money and ever since you have expected that to be the norm , the team you got relegated with should have stayed up and yes that buck lies with the manager , look at the crap Liverpool have had to put up with the past 20 plus years after being used to winning year on year but they still pack there stadium , Newcastle Sunderland have never won ANYTHING yet they still go in there vast amounts , Villa was still getting 30000 when McCleish was in charge , why dont you just put your dummys back in and get behind the players that wear your shirt , at first I felt a little sorry for Rovers having a chairman that did not attend games but ios it that big a deal ? , anything can be done over a phone nowadays , Steve Kean , he comes out with some propper rubbish in his interviews but if you had a manager slaughtering his players when they played bad you would want a manager that does the opposite , , like I said stop this crap and just get behind your team as god onlyknows what they must think when they hear there own people booing one player like a respect pro like Danny Murphy , you lot are not gaining any admirers throughout the football world , infact people are feeling for Kean and thinking you lot are the ones people should be booing !!!!!!!!
Will the Wanderer
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26/09/2012 22:01:00

Another idiot,we have no chairman,all business management that effectively managed have gone. One higher director stood up and warned Venkys what would happen if changes weren't made.He was ignored, proved 100% correct and fired for his courage. And all this spend you are talking about is since Venkys-w are saying we don't want this.We loved the Walker years,like anyone would.He single handedly won the premiership for us through his love for the club.He cried when we got relegated just before dying.Jack was a hero to us and as fans it was a pity that when he died we lost that financial backing.But he ultimately had built a good club that the trust allowed to continue with less spending.We were happy with those years with John Williams effectively managing the business side,putting decent managers in charge and leaving them be.We made profit by selling players we had bought cheaply for expensive amounts-Roque bought for 3.5mil sold for 17.5mil,Bentley for 15 mil,Duff for 17mil.And the good business management put that profit into the club and gave 3-4 million a year to spend.That's what it has been like for 10 years,and we havn't moaned about it.We were quiet content with that.So will the wanderer get your facts straight before accusing rovers fans of bitching about the walker years being gone and used to spending money.We had a very quick stint in the mid 90s spending a bit of cash thanks to the love and affection a kind man had for a club.We loved every second of it,what happened will not be forgotten and we were happy with what came after-being a stable mid team club that we got to go along and watch like fans of well managed clubs,not teams,but financial businesses.Administration and Liquidation were off the table, but with the shambolic ownership of the last 2 years is it becoming our future?Are we going to be the next Pompy?The way John Williams managed the club in his term here, along with all the great business team that were in place before Venkys terror started was impeccable and Rovers fans know it and appreciated it.We did not moan and did not have loads of money to spend as you unwhittingly claim.Middle table was enough.We weren't greedy so how dare other fans come on here and make up stuff to insult us with just because they don't have a good enough football knowledge or intelligence of whats actually happening.Will the Wanderer your an idiot,and once more a rovers fan has to tell some clown with no knowledge to get your facts straight before attacking us buddy!!!!
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26/09/2012 22:28:00

Please support the boycott, hit them in their pockets where it hurts most, its the only way to get rid of Kean, and eventually Venkys. Continue the boycott, continue the protests, the only efficient way now to save our club.
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27/09/2012 00:01:00

I'm sorry but under the Walker years you were just another City that under financial fair play would have gone to the wall and you know it so although Jack like our Jack was a legend in your eyes and a propper Blackburn person , the money he would keep pumping in would put you deeper in trouble as there is no way 25000 could afford the wages top players earn today and financial fair play would ruin you so be glad your not in that position anymore ! , and dont say dont dare come on here as we had to put up with your big spending when it happened and you rubbing everyone elses noses in it so maybe karma's a b!tch !!!!!! , and all that drabble you have just typed and just covered with good points about Jack Walker , there are ZERO finance figures , ZERO reason why if you got 85-100% full houses your team could not be promoted this season , ZERO reasons other than feeling sorry for yourself , God knows why any player would want to sign for your club with fans like this lot !
Will the Wanderer
Report Abuse
27/09/2012 15:48:00


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