Blackburn Rovers - Protests set to go up a notch
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Protests set to go up a notch

After a temporary truce of sorts between the club and the protest organisers the latest press release is out and it signals an increase in intensity for the next round of protests.

With the protest organisers locked in talks with the club aimed at building bridges there has been (for the last 3 home games) no organised element to the demonstrations that started way back in September against Arsenal.

But after seemingly making headway and arranging a few conditions by which the club could talk to the fans and mend fences the organisers were let down and planned meetings with board members/Steve Kean were abandoned with minimal excuse which has left the divide wide open again.

As a result the problems still remain and the protests are set to resume with the board of directors also being called into question.

The latest press release read - 'The aim of the protests, as from the start, will be about the removal of Steve Kean as first-team manager, Venky's as owners of the club and now the removal of the board of directors.

'The intensity of the protest will increase substantially.

'As Blackburn Rovers fans we have no choice but to try to ensure we preserve the legacy left by the late Jack Walker.

'While we appreciate that this era is in the past, the failure by Venky's and the current board of directors to build on his legacy leaves fans with very little if anything to cling on to.'

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The Journalist

Writer: Mikey Delap Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 4 2012

Time: 3:54PM

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We need to unite against these morons who are running our club before the inevitable happens......
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04/01/2012 16:17:00

Ok im sorry but what a time to be idiots. I am far from a kean supporter or a chicken supporter but this window will make or break this club. Ie If no one is brought in and ppl are sold we will be relegated and no one will be interested in buying us. The accounts tell of a more efficently run club which is in a precious position but at current levels is sustainable. So it on the field we need to be worried about. The result against stoke was unfortunate but the players looked more relaxed and played better with a better reception. These protests effect the performances so they have to stop during games and after positive performances. It also discourages people from comming to us. Now we have to be realistic premier league survival is the main aim so get behind the team when they play and get points. When they lose you can demonstrate. BUT a better way at targeting the Venkey and co has to be found or the protesters are also at fault for us going down. Now I know this will not make me popular but as a fan I have my opinion and fell the right to voice it. Sorry if this offends anyone personally but BRFC is to all of us a personal issue.
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04/01/2012 16:20:00

As i've already said in the forum I don't think the timing is right, I think the media will slate us even more than they already have. They don't know the full story and all they will write is "what more do the fans want after we beat the Champions at Old Trafford and drew with Liverpool away". It's the transfer window and i fear this will drive the likes of Samba away and also put off any decent player from wanting to sign for us. Let Venky's and Kean dig their own grave and then the protests will have a much bigger impact.
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04/01/2012 16:30:00

the-one-and-only-mar - Appreciate your view point chief. It's just as valid as anybody elses.
Mikey Delap
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04/01/2012 16:44:00

Thank god someone agrees with me
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04/01/2012 16:46:00

I agree with you as well i just wrote something similar on Lancashire telegraph. Its anti productive. Ewood has been a nightmare to this season but the Stoke game was actually good for once. We just lacked creativity against Stoke, that and poor concentration with the defending. But protesting isn't doing anything in my opinion, what has it solved so far??? Even more bad publicity?? Who knows I say lets get behind the team, go down fighting. Not making horrible atmospheres every game, it horrible I want to go to the games but not listen to Kean out throughout the whole game. And I am not saying Kean deserves to stay we all know his record is awful. I think the protests should be organised after the game and aimed towards Venkys. I feel as bad as Kean is, he is the scapegoat, at the end of the day it all comes down to Venkys appointing him, then Venkys not sacking him and bringing someone else in. All kean is doing is trying to make blackburn win games, hes bad at it but at least hes trying. What are Venkys doing?
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04/01/2012 17:02:00

Yaay! Here's me thinking that common sense and intelligence had been abandoned by all of the rovers fans but 'the-one-and-only-mar' has proved me wrong, thank you! The atmosphere against Stoke was brilliant and it's been too long since the fans were fully behind the team. Protesting and 'Kean out' chants are not supporting the team. I'm not a fan of Kean but he isn't the problem, Venkys are, and since they don't attend matches there is no point whatsoever in creating a negative feeling at Ewood. I agree that protesting will confirm our place in the championship. Do the club a favour, don't least not in the normal way.
Citizen Kean
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04/01/2012 17:04:00

The atmosphere against stoke did nothing. We still lost. If we chant Venkys out, how is that going to affect the players in the slightest. If we chant "We love Rovers but we have Venkys" again, how is that going to affect the players. You people don't understand that if we don't get Venkys out we won't have a decent football club anymore. We go down, and Venkys won't fund us to come back up. Get it into your heads. We are down already, with players sales inevitable, Barclays demanding money and the stupid signings of rubbish players to replace them. You happy clappers make me sick, standing back and watching out club be destroyed. Protesting makes no difference. We protested Vs Arsenal, and we won, one of our 2 only home wins. We didn't protest whilst we went on a run of 10 games without a win last season. Get it into your heads, the protests are not a problem and don't affect the players!!!!!!!
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04/01/2012 17:21:00

As much as I hate to say it, we would be better going into the championship for a year if it meant getting this lot out of our club, and some decent owners in who are willing to invest.
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04/01/2012 17:22:00

I'm sorry rover23 but comments like "you happy clappers make me sick" are only going to alienate other Rovers fans and cause more friction all over again. I'm sure whether we all decide to protest or not we all want the same thing for the club. It is impossible to prove whether protesting is right or wrong and suggesting that you either protest or be a happy clapper isn't really fair.
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04/01/2012 17:52:00

May I suggest that the T shirt campaign is good and non disruptive to the players. Booing effects everyone and makes it difficult to attract players etc (the question needs to be asked why would Ray C stay). By wearing the T shirts it show dissatisfaction with the owners etc. Other methods can be looked at examined before they are followed through on. As a community we can not tolerate bullying and that is what Steve Kean has received. Yes you can voice you dissatisfaction at his work but do not attack someone personally. This is bad PR by the supporters and turns a very effective tool the media against the supporters and this has to be ratified if progress is to be made.
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04/01/2012 18:44:00

Have to agree with everyone except rovers23 here.Relegation is never going to be a situation that should be considered good 'if it means...'We go down we lose all the talent that is there and could turn into the next Portsmouth or many of the others who have got lost in the football league since losing their place in the Premiership. As the last 3 games shows with support from the fans come better performances and results.Confidence will play a huge role in the rest of this season. Like all rovers fans I think we have owners that are wrong for not just our club but any club. Steve Kean is undoubtedly out of his place, but if some of those results and decisions like the ones in the Norwich, Everton, Sunderland, Stoke games had gone the way they should then we would be in a far healthier position.I know in the Sunderland game in particular the performance was shocking and we really deserved nothing from the game,but the shocking decision to penalize Samba for being fouled by Westwood had gone the way it should it is fairly unlikely we would have played so poorly and Sunderland would have turned it around. The protests to date have proven very little and show that from India the chicken people have no intention of listening to the pressure to sack Kean. They are the main problem but they currently own the club and look unlikely to sell. Protests at matches do nothing except serve to heap further pressure on players that already have a lot on their shoulders, and also on Steve Kean. If you want to protest about the owners it should be held in a different forum than match days. I do believe we need a more experienced manager but it's pretty clear now that is unlikely to happen and protests won't change that. Luck and refereeing decisions have gone against for sure this year,and variance of luck hasn't balanced out as it usually does. I don't believe in excuses but Steve Kean is 100% right in saying if things had been a bit different we coud have 6/7 more points than we do have currently which would put us in a far better place.Yet he takes it on the chin and won't criticise refs even if it results in him geting more abuse than any manager in premier league history.Fergie gets one bad call and says the guy should never be near a match again. There are better managers than SK out there,but there are far worse.He may be a bit of an asskisser with the owners but he seems a decent guy,and like it or not he is the manager that will be in charge whether fans like it or not. Get behind him and the team now or 'The Great Escape II' becomes even harder than it already is. If fans want to protest then they have the right to do so against the owners, it just shouldn't be at matches, especially since the chicken family are never there to see or hear it. We ended United's unbeaten run and drew with Liverpool and were unlucky against Stoke and for those results alone I think Kean deserves a bit of support and for the abuse to stop. COME ON ROVERS!!!!
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04/01/2012 19:17:00

We don't have a home game until 14th January. Kean has said that transfers will be done early in the window. Could be said he's got 10 days to get some positive business done, which is a fair amount of time given his statements?
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04/01/2012 21:12:00

Good to see more and more people against the idea of protesting during a game. When the team are playing (well or not) let's focus ourselves on the game and the outcome please! That leaves 165 hours in the week outside of the football gme to protest our hearts out.
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04/01/2012 22:35:00

Couldn't agree more with all comments. This would be one great escape however were only 3 points away from getting out. It really does depend on whether the venkys feel the need to put money in. Losing Samba would be certain relegation. I don't think we seen the real Hoilett for a while so if he goes at least were getting money for him (but its a shame because were lacking creativity and him in form in brilliant). Nzonzi would be bad as were really lacking centre mids. Its funny how I used to think Andrews was a bad player but it appears we miss someone like him atm. I would personally like to see andy Johnson (to do yakubu's running) onouha to play right back and a left back (maybe wayne bridge on loan?) surely these signings cant go above 8 mil? Which should be the 5 mil each transfer window (which they haven't spent). Please at least keep that promise and we might just have a chance to do the great escape
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05/01/2012 02:53:00

I haven't joined in any protests or booing - as I don't believe in them. I don't think they have achieved their aim and I think they are damaging our chances of survival. Rover23 - I am amazed that you want us relegated to get rid of the owners.
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05/01/2012 08:31:00

Different people different views, I think we already are relegated (we were before christmas) so everything to get prepare for the championship, I'm in for. If we still have Kean and Venkys in the Championship we will get relegate there as well, so I say let us try to get rid of them very very soon, or else they will destoy the summer window as well (a new takeover takes time). Just my opinion. Cheers
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05/01/2012 08:46:00

We're by no means relegated yet. We're 3 pts away from getting out of the relegation zone and for a club that was bottom at Xmas that is very rare. If we can beat Man Utd and draw with Liverpool playing away with Steve Kean in charge then we can do the same against the likes of Wolves, Swansea and Bolton. It's still all all to play for so we might as well accept the current regime and if they mess it up they will be accountable for it. The media aren't on our side on this one, yes they son't know the full story but who does? I certainly don't regarldless of endless financial speculation. We're never going to attract a better owner or a better manager by continuing protests after we've had decent results.
Report Abuse
05/01/2012 09:22:00

I'm afraid the protest organisers are the ones who are bringing the club into disrepute at this present time. The more you protest the more the owners will 'dig their heels in'. The general atmosphere against Stoke, helped the team in the second half to try to get something out of the game. I'm afraid your plans are only going to disrupt the team. The only way to more forward is to coordinate with the main Club sponsors ie Wayne at WEC or even representatives from the the Council's Partnership Board and keep pushing for meetings with the club/owners and Kean. What I don't think they've realised is what damage they are doing to the Community. As a Community minded company in India (according to thier Website) Venky's have to be made aware of the damage they are creating in this Town and surrounding area. Protesting / Boycotting or disrupting is not the answer, especially at this time of the Transfer Window.
Waggy Waggy Wagstaff
Report Abuse
05/01/2012 11:16:00

Give your heads a shake. We are bottom of the Premier League thanks to these idiots in charge and nobody else. You people make me feel sick that you sit there and moan about our club and do nothing about it. Don't come crying when we get relegated and you did nothing to stop it.
Report Abuse
05/01/2012 11:37:00

The protests has to continue and the boycott of home games has to start. Only then, Steve kean leads the team into an almost half empty stadium or the away fans far outnumbers the rovers fans. This is inevitable if we want to get the Venkys out, even paying the painful price of relegation. We are not down yet, its just a matter of time, to be very frank. Low attendances at home games, and boycott of home games and next season's season ticket will send the real voice of protest from Rovers fan. I m sure the Venkys will hear the voices of our protests even in India. I support the protest all the way.
Report Abuse
05/01/2012 12:30:00

We all care a lot for Rovers. We've tried protesting before games,during games. Some do so by boycotting going to matches. So far there has been no reaction from India. Other fans and the national media do not get our point even after it has been explained to them. The question we have to ask ourselves is this, if no-one notices us or does not get our messag, how valid and effective is it to continue our protest here in the UK? Should we not rather bombard the press in India with our message and get our message across in the only community the Venky's care about most?
Report Abuse
05/01/2012 12:49:00

rover23 how can you say did nothing to stop it, when you previously said it would be better to be relegated. Is that what the protests are about? making the atmosphere so bad they will end up losing then you can blame Kean? at the end of the day venkys are to blame. They have ruined any structure there was to this club, they have failed to keep to their promises (5mil each budget and many more) and Kean wouldn't have a job if it were any other owner. If you really think protesting is the best thing to do and your doing rovers fans proud and fighting for the club, start aiming to abuse towards the owners not kean. Plus hes bad enough when the fans are behind the team lets not make him worse by shouting kean out through out the game.
Report Abuse
06/01/2012 14:17:00

ps i think dutch makes a good point, how we would manage to get it into the press in India I have no idea. It so sad that Venkys are willing to buy a club and let it rot and not give a **** about what the fans think. It makes me so sad :(. We should contact channel 4 to do one of their investigation, i think some one else suggested this and that would be good haha
Report Abuse
06/01/2012 14:19:00


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