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Just To Set A Few Things Straight...

Just To Set A Few Things Straight...

I have read quite a few comments by Steve Kean and journalists attributed to media outlets (newspapers and websites) and want to respond as a 'somewhat' normal Blackburn Rovers fan.

First things first;

Reasons for not allowing banners at protests at Ewood Park given as 'health and safety reasons'...

Why then does Steve Kean then go and inflate tensions between groups of Blackburn Rovers supporters. Say coming out with comments in the Daily Record for instance...

'Fans who are behind me and the club are going to protest against the protestors'.

'When they start chanting negative things then that is heard around the stadium and picked up by the media. However, the amount of support I've received has been incredible. We receive letters on a daily basis and it's all positive'.

'The good fans have decided enough is enough and they won't tolerate any more negative singing or demonstrations'.

'They know it's time for everyone to unite and get behind the team'.

Let's just try to understand the situation for a second.

No banners for 'health and safety reasons'. Groups of paying fans chucked out the stadium during match days for having the audacity to sing against the manager.

Restrictions on pre-match marches/pre-match sit-ins. Post match sit-ins. Presumably to stop the potential risk of clashes with fans inside the stadium.

Yet Mr Kean comes out with comments which can have no other possible influence then to raise the pressure between sets of fans.

Steve Kean has done this with a very clear and single minded intention. It is to garner more support for himself and create tension during match day in a attempt to undermine support for groups who would like him removed.

If a fan stood in the middle of one of the stands with a megaphone. Shouted something anti Kean which started friction inbetween the groups of fans. He would be ejected and police would investigate what was shouted and would definitely take action.

Yet Kean who's supposed sole intention is to be a success as manager at Blackburn Rovers volunteers comments to a newspaper in the country of his birth saying something he knows will possibly cause violent friction.

Did he take into account health and safety matters when he made those comments?

The full article can be read here:


Comments that Mr Kean has made about players becoming frustrated with fan protests...

'The players are probably becoming a bit disappointed with it all because they are putting so much effort into trying to win games and I don`t think any fan inside the ground could possibly say we didn`t deserve ­something out of this game (Chelsea game).'

Read here:

Now Mr Kean has made comments like these on a few occasions...

First let me say that whenever I have read comments from the players. They have been pushing more toward a concern about a lack of support from the fans toward the players.

This stinks more of a group of them being talked into believing that protests are directed at both them and the management.

This could not be further from the truth! The fans have and always will be behind the current group of players playing for Blackburn Rovers. Singular player performances have no gone unnoticed.

This much was evident in the recent Chelsea match when Reuben Rochina's substitute for David Dunn was met with such fierce reaction.

It wasn't because Rochina had a poor performance. It was because he was being substituted in the first place!

The players are liked! Why would we boo them!

After the recent drubbing at the hands of Manchester City. Boo's and chants were not aimed in the direction of the players. They were aimed at Mr Kean for his organisation and tactics in the second half which lead to such a poor result.

Even when the full time whistle blew and the vast majority of the players did not come over to clap the home fans who remained behind. The boo's were directed elsewhere!

The players gelled well in the 1st half, but as has happened multiple times this season. We went behind very soon after Steve Kean's half time teamtalk.

Coincidence... no? I think not!


Next... The plane that recently flew over Ewood Park during the Chelsea match.

There seems to be a mixed reaction from both Rovers fans and the media.

One thing I have seen many people make very clear about this is that there was no other choice to get our voice accross visually.

Something different and impactful was thought to need doing and this was the choice.

With these banners banned and Mr Kean and the clubs current apparent 'dirty tactics' such as turning the PA system up to maximum volume after the anti-Kean protesters behaved with such dignity during the recent match against Tottenham for a full 90 minutes and the unfair banning of banners. I think the hiring of a place to present the message was a very cleverly, level headed and imaginative choice to get the message accross.

I fully expect to see anti-aircraft guns mounted on the stands of Ewood Park for the Swansea game though!

But going back to the matter. The simple fact is, if no banners had been presented at Ewood Park due to there banning. The club and Mr Kean will have indicated that the lack of visual protest is a reflection on protest numbers. Meaning that fans are now getting behind the clubs good 'standard' of football.

This is the kind of pathetic path Rovers have now teamed themselves up too.

Next were onto recent promises that have been made and been broken...

These organised protests have been taking place at Ewood Park since the Arsenal game on Saturday September the 17th.

After Rovers and Kean's maiden win of the season. Mr Kean did a lap of honour, visiting what seemed like every single media company in the country. With his 'piesta resistance' taking place in the Sky Sports News studio. During this live interview, Mr Kean promised our very own 'media darling' Glen Mullan that he would meet with him to discuss fan concerns.

Regardless of multiple attempts to hold Mr Kean to this promise. No such meeting has taken place.

How anyone can get away with making a promise live on tv in this manner. To boost ones own reputation, only to break his word is i must say, a very clear reflection on this mans character.

We have all read about his antics recently. With 'apparent' and 'accused' lies to the police/court in relation to drink driving charges.

Multiple promises that Junior Hoilett was only hours away from signing a new contract. Reflections that have not been confirmed at any time from the Junior camp.

Question marks over a trip to India where accusations over imports at customs were raised.

A apparently fouly worded abusive scuffle that arrupted between him and a Sky Sports journalist that arrupted at a bar in Germany after a recent scouting trip.

Abusive comments that were made by Mr Kean at Ewood Park in which there were children in attendance.

Now my father in recent times has accused me of taking Mr Kean's antics way to personally.

Warned me even that i should not make any comments toward the man in public to personal.

But as we (Blackburn Rovers fans) who follow the mans comments daily all know! It is all very deeply personal.

Blackburn Rovers football club. A passion that is very hard to put into words for someone who doesn't understand. The club has nurtured allot of us.

Has been a constant companion through life.

Much like events that have shocked the world. We can all remember which football manager was in charge in certain days.

What our beloved team was doing when we were at school. Or working in a certain place. Or when a family member was born or died.

We love this club. We always will regardless of where things go.

But much like in life. You try your very hardest to have a believed positive impace on the destiny of such things.

I hope this article is read by at least a few people anyway and that it sorts out a few things. A few misunderstandings and at the very least opens one or two people's eyes.

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Date:Wednesday November 9 2011
Time: 12:38AM


Genuinely nothing to add other than 'what he said'. Can't take it much more, the enjoyment I've had at Ewood since getting my first season ticket aged 6, its almost gone.
09/11/2011 00:55:00
Great article. I've always tried to avoid insulting Kean and just to focus on his lack of results but now that he's having a pop at us fan again and again I hope karma chews his ass up.
09/11/2011 01:04:00
great write Tombo.
09/11/2011 03:30:00
Good Artical.Arte et Labore
09/11/2011 06:00:00
Nice effort here Tombo, top read.
Mikey Delap
09/11/2011 08:12:00
Good article mate, Your skills could come in very handy, soon :-) Re (Writing Skills)
09/11/2011 11:26:00
I'm not sure this sets anything straight. Considering the amount of personal abuse thrown at Kean over the past year, it is entirely understandable that he should lose it a bit - I think we all would. Just step back and look at the events of the last 12 months. Venkys made a terrible mistake in sacking Sam, and an even worse one in appointing Kean. He was far to inexperienced to take over in those circumstances but I don't think anyone (even Glen) would turn down the chance to manage Rovers. He was promised vast backing by the owners, but what happened? In the summer lots of players were identified who might transform Rovers but the owners vetoed the signing of every one. They even scuppered a free signing (he wasn't good enough) without providing the funds to buy better. Even after selling Jones and Kalinic, the money wasn't forthcoming and we started the season with a pathetically under strength squad. Kean went on TV exclamimg that he thought we would have to pay over the odds because we simply had to improve the squad. Then at last Venkys released a little of the Jones, Kalinic money to sign Dann and our "star" striker (the Yak). I think Kean has made one massive mistake. Once he realised that he was not to receive the financial backing promised in the summer, he should have resigned. Can you imagine a Hughes or Dalglish being denied funds in this way and not resigning? Is it not time our disgust was directed at Venkys rather than the manager? He may be out of his depth but he is doing his best and every player seems to be supporting him both on and off the record. They feel attacks on Kean are attacks on them even if this isn't true and, I am told, felt the plane stunt was directed at them indirectly. "venkys go stuff your chickens" would seem a much better slogan than Kean out. Anyway he isn't quite as bad as Jim Iley.
09/11/2011 17:08:00
Good points Doc but the one thing that people seem to miss is that Kean has the worst managerial record as a Rovers boss, ever! Add to that the alleged issues he has created in the background, for me means he has to go, he is inept and if he had an ounce of pride he would walk away. Wouldnt you in this position? the fact he hasnt suggests that hes staying for one reason and thats a payoff!
09/11/2011 17:38:00
Some great points there Docrover
09/11/2011 18:45:00
But to be fair doc. It does not give him the right to lie in the manner he has. I don't blame him for taking the job. But i do blame him for decieving the owners to keep the job and further blame him for not admitting his limitations! As for promises from the owners. How exatly do you know what he was or wasn't promised by the owners. RE: His comments about a huge budget this summer just gone. Why exactly do you think he was promised huge sums by the owners. How do you know he wasn't just saying that to boost his own personal attention and praise? "In the summer lots of players were identified who might transform Rovers but the owners vetoed the signing of every one" - Again how do you know that> How do you know they didn't just snub Kean? "They even scuppered a free signing (he wasn't good enough) without providing the funds to buy better" - I believe that particular striker signing that fell through was as a result of his wage demands. This much is evident by the Yakubu signing. "Even after selling Jones and Kalinic, the money wasn't forthcoming and we started the season with a pathetically under strength squad" Really? We lost Phil Jones (hugely regretable), Benjani (rubbish look at his record at Pompey!), Nikola Kalinić (somewhat regretable but Yakubu was a decent enough replacement), Brett Emerton (regretable but wasn't the owners decision and El Hadji Diouf (pulled some stunts which should have got him chucked). We brought in David Goodwillie (decent forward who i still believe would do better under a more professional manager), Radosav Petrović (was outstanding at Partizan and you don't become a bad footballer over night... manager...?), Simon Vukčević (maintain he would be class if actually played!), Yakubu (a excellent forward who had a excellent scoring record last season), Scott Dann (a international quality CB when playing to his best ability in my opinion). Jordan Slew (a hugely promising England U21). I personally don't buy into this 'we have a weaker team' rubbush. I actually believe our team is as strong as last season's, if not stronger! As for denying transfer funds to Kean. Let me ask you 2 things. 1- Would a manager with a strong character and plan of attack have been denied funds in the way you outlined... 2- Do you think maybe Venkys withelled funds because of the managers lack of experience and his ties to SEM which could have resulted in iffy deals with specific financial intent having a basis... (in theory?) "He may be out of his depth but he is doing his best and every player seems to be supporting him both on and off the record". Really that is a bold statement. 1st if the players didn't support him, they would end up being dropped so it is in their best interests to back him. 2nd- Doesn;t seem to be all the players from what i see? Seems to be 2 or 3? "They feel attacks on Kean are attacks on them even if this isn't true and, I am told, felt the plane stunt was directed at them indirectly". - Which is the point i am trying to make. It seems as if 'especially after Nzonzi's comments on RoversPlayer the other day, that maybe somebody at the club is trying to reflect the protests onto the players. In a attempt to make any reaction come out sounding like they are in favour of the current manager. As i said in the article. No attack on the players is thought of or even intended. The attack is on the manager. You don't go from being a 10th placed team under Sam with a weaker team to relegation candidates with a stronger team under Kean... Seriously!
09/11/2011 19:21:00
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