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Tombos Rant Pt 2 - Fans Response To Venkatesh Rao

Tombos Rant Pt 2 - Fans Response To Venkatesh Rao

On Friday evening, my patience with comments from members of the Venkys family finally snapped. I sat down and said exactly what i and other thoughts from other fans had been saying since the latest influx of daft comments were revealed coming from Balaji Rao (otherwise known as 'Big Sam' Rao).

It came as mass relief to unload these thoughts it must be said and i figured i would at least get a weeks freedom from the madness that is Steve Kean and the Rao's... Or what i like to call 'Chicken Run'.

Alas, it has been barely days, yet more daft comments have been revealed, this time coming from Venkatesh Rao (otherwise known as 'Venky-Moustache' Rao) and yet again i can feel my blood pressure rising. So consider this 'Tombos Rant Part 2', or 'Tombos Rant Part 1B'.


During Steve Kean's 'frank and straight' (insert joke here!) meeting with the Rao family, Venkatesh Rao revealed that he was confident that team form under Steve Kean would improve after the match vs FC Pune.

If a friendly against a semi-pro team was what was needed to boost the player season. I could have organised that for thousands of pounds less in the form of a adult return on the train from Blackburn to half a dozen pub teams around the country.

Let's not see this as anything else then it actually was. A publicity stunt to boost the profile of Venkys. Denying the obvious fact that it will have the same impact that the Blackburn Rovers Venkys Chicken advert had... Namely negative.

The attention that it brought to Blackburn Rovers FC as a brand was negative, but likely boosted Venkys profile in India. Now much like that publicity stunt, having the players over for this mid-season friendly when other players at other teams are regaining their fitness will also have a negative impact, something i don't think any sane person can deny. The teams players have been 'requested' to spend a couple of days in total on a plane, and play football on the other end, when they should be preparing for the next Premier League game!


Now back to the meeting that took place!

Rao said: 'Believe me, it was frank and straight and we need results'.

Much like when we needed results last season and got one or two... It isn't going to cut it!

'Everyone is looking forward - from the players to the manager to the owners'.

What so they weren't before? Why?

I'm sure the players are looking forward... Like Junior Hoilett, to whom it has been widely reported that he has declined to sign a contract extension, and is likely to leave at the end of the season on a Bosman.

But hey, never mind, it's not like he's the only key player to be left bemused at Blackburn Rovers of late. With Phil Jones jumping ship and Christopher Samba still seemingly feeling the effects of not getting what he wanted in the Summer transfer window...

I am positive. The luck didn't go for us in the first two games and then we had a wonderful win (against Arsenal) before we were sliding down'.

That load thud you just heard was me falling off my chair?!

How the hell can you blame bad luck for 2 results at the beginning of the season. But climb allover the Arsenal result and not mention luck at all?!

For the best part of the latter half of last season. I spoke with Vineeth Rao on Facebook. On the run of 10 games from the end of January until the end of April where we didn't win a single game. He gave the excuse 'bad luck' throughout.

Now yet again, the 'family' are using the same dusty excuse! Where will it end?!

Let's look at the facts:

Blackburn Rovers vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves had 4 shots on target to our two. On paper, the ball possession was even at about 50/50, but to anyone who watched the match, it was very much but even.

Wolves had their defense organised and apart from Formica's goal in the 20th minute, they did not look likely to concede a goal.

Roger Johnson had a excellent match at the back. Although it never looked likely we would test the goal.

On the other hand, our defensive line looked poorly organised and like it might crumble on any Wolves attack.

That isn't luck Mr Rao, that is Barclays Premier League football.

Aston Villa vs Blackburn Rovers

Again, possession was very even, Villa just shading it. But other then that, they were in a whole other league to us!

We had 5 shots on target to their 5, our defense still looked wobbly, and it was about as one sided as a 3-1 defeat could be.

As a Blackburn Rovers fan, i don't hesitate in any way shape or form in admitting that Villa were deserved winners in this match, and luck never came into it?!

If you don't believe me. Ask any other Blackburn Rovers fan who may have been wearing rose-tinted glasses on the day. There is no way we deserved anything from these games?!

'Now after this meeting and the team coming especially to India, they have had a refreshing time, and I think they will go with a positive note after this meeting.'

Yes i am very sure that (as i said above), a jaunt halfway around the world on a plane will have done them the world of good. Add to that foreign food, playing a football match that serves no logical footballing purpose and the negative publicity the club has got for doing it will do everyone the world of good.

How can a 3-0 victory against a semi-pro team boost anyone's confidence...?

'I would like to assure the fans we are very much concerned about the situation'.

Obviously! Concerned enough to say the guy that brought us to this stage is a 'brilliant manager', the same 'brilliant manager' who has only won us 21% of his games in charge!

Kean is under absolutely no illusion that his job is under threat, and your brothers and sister are not even considering removing him from his job a) regardless of the current situation and b) regardless of any continuation of this poor form in the future.

So how the hell do you expect the fans to take these comments seriously...

Every single media outing your family makes only owes to lessen the fans support of you.

As has already been said. You are eager enough to get a select group of players to come out and support you in the media, but how you can gloss over some very real problems is absolutely beyond any Blackburn Rovers football fan!

- Where is the replacement chairman that was promised?

- Where is David 'Junior' Hoilett's new contract that Steve Kean himself promised on Soccer Saturday, barely hours after we won our only game of the season?

- Where are the responses to fans worries that were sent to Balaji Rao and Vineeth Rao?

- Where is a new manager when our manager has proven so utterly incapable of performing his role at the club...

I and many other Rovers fans could not give a damn what your five year plan is!

We want action now, or any positive five year plan will not be able to save your role with this club!

'It is really painful, I know that. It is painful for the owners with what is happening'.

With all due respect. How long have Venkys even been aware of this great club?

A year? Two years?

We have fans of this club in their late 70's that i have spoken to and i find it truly insulting that your family could so much as try to make the fans feel that you feel pain for the club...

If it is painful... Why don't you act now instead of reinforcing the situation with positive comments in support of the man who lead us here?

Let's get this straight... It isn't the players that lead us here. The vast majority lead us to 10th place under Sam Allardyce...

It's not the former assistant John Jensen, you don't have to look any further then the drubbing we got at Manchester City for that fact...

It is the 'manager'.

'I would like to be honest - we will show some results and we will produce some results and make our fans happy.'

You have never been honest since the day you took this club over...

We don't believe you, we don't expect results and you can expect protests 'which i wholeheartedly support i might add' until action is taken against the manager...

Relieve the manager of his duties, and then maybe the protests will die-down, they won't before then...

If you want to deny the facts ie: the fans are currently unhappy look at some very simple facts.

1) the club is currently 1,500 odd season tickets down regardless of one of the cheapest season ticket prices in the league. Meanwhile Bolton Wanderers has gone up. So the excuse of the Global Economy can go right out the window!

2) Opening fixture of the 2010/11 season: August Sat 14 - Ewood Park - Blackburn Rovers vs Everton (score 1-0 to Rovers) Attendance 25,869 compared to this season (2011/12 season):

August Sat 27 - Ewood Park - Blackburn Rovers vs Everton (score 0-1 to Everton) Attendance 22,826

Just to add some comparison for the opening fixture of the season:

August Sat 13 - Ewood Park - Blackburn Rovers vs Wolves (score 1-2 to Wolves) Attendance 21,996 .

That represents a nearly 4,000 person drop in season opening fixtures. But hey never mind. We will be in the Championship/Champions League in 5 years. That'll effect the attendance!

3) Over a thousand fans signed a online petition to have Steve Kean removed as manager

4) Fans have protested at 2 seperate matches and plan to be for a 3rd at the Tottenham Hotspur game

So please. Stop making these daft statements.

Open your eyes, we certainly have!


These above thoughts are mostly my own. They are in no way reflective of a attitude undertaken by Vital Blackburn Rovers (granted they are reflective of many a fan who has spoken to me since the comments were made!)

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Date:Sunday October 9 2011
Time: 4:10PM


Wow Tombo - blood pressure must be soaring after this?! Nice rant!! :)
Mikey Delap
09/10/2011 17:13:00
Well thought out rant ad well executed mate, but think the owners deserve more of the blame than the manager, at least the manager cares about the club and results (not his fault he's useless - Venkys embarassed themselves sacking Allerdyce and don't have the balls to sack a second manager!). All that talk about Beckham and Ronaldinho,, yet what's arrved?? And who has left?? So obvious they care only about business in India, sooner they go the better for all of us! Do they have any idea what's needed for a top four finish in the EPL?????
The Horses Mouth
09/10/2011 19:15:00
Agree with most of what you say but Hoillet nit signing is not Kean's neither Venkys fault, it is just he is greedy. As a fan I am sure you want the best for 'your' club not bend over over for the mercenary players these days don't you?
09/10/2011 19:16:00
British,, if the Venky's were actually creating a club worthy of challenging for fourth place do you think the kid would be so determined to leave??? hey talk about creating something special but actually do nothing for he team at all. If thy can't keep the kids they have no chance of attracting the talent,, and why does everything have to be run from India?? What ego do these guys have??? even Abramovich attends games....
The Horses Mouth
09/10/2011 19:23:00
Some people on here need to grow up.What is wrong with Rovers club shops in India? a massive market,as yet untapped.You cannot have a well thought out rant! We have spent money in the transfer window,did anyone watch the England game? we need to get behind our team,has anyone thought that Hoiletts future may be tied to Keans? he helped in a big way in his development.The players are obviously behind this manager,that is a fact,unlike some of the wild rumour and rubbish that is posted on here.If you are going to pass comment get your facts straight,ranting never gets anyone anywhere.We have Indian owners with money they have invested in the club,deal with it,they are not going away,who fancies a return to no money to spend in the transfer window at all,it takes time to turn a football club around.Martin O Neil? have a look at his early record at the Foxes,they wanted him out.Get behind our team,the confidence gained from the Arsenal win,disapeared against city,the fans were havin a go at the manager,no one wanted the ball.dont here n e 1 sayin bring bak sam.
10/10/2011 01:04:00
The Horses Mouth... Kean is free to resign owing to being out of his depth at any time. I don't see it ever happening... Also if you think he wouldn't bury the club for his own well being then you are crazy! lol/// BritishBulldog, Hoilett not re-signing is down to Mr Kean. If it wasn't for Kean being our manager we would likely be far better off and players would be more enclined to stay at the club for the long-term. Add to this his inexperience in club matters which will likely be having a negative impact. Ask yourself one question. Is it better to bend over and give a class player maybe a little more then he is worth then lose him for a low fee and have to go out into the transfer market and spend big money to replace him. Big money we are frankly not going to spend?/// As for boddingtonblue, i am not sure what point you are trying to make. If you are calling into question my suggesting that now is not the right time to be boosting Venkys brand then i cannot understand your logic. I am not saying going to India was the wrong thing to do. I am saying that going to India at this time was wrong. If it could not be done during the summer for whatever reason then it should have waited until the end of the season. Either that or they could have sent over our reserve team with the likes of Ribeiro and Blackman as it would have been a good club melding activity for them to do. As for your comment about anyone watching the England game, again i don't get your logic. The players who played for England and other teams were called up for official International duty. The trip to India wasn't essential as such as International duty is. As for Hoilett's future being tied into Kean's. If your suggesting Hoilett's future at the club is dependent on Kean staying then you are crazy. He wants out because the club is not developing under Kean and he wants to test his ability at a club that has some chance of developing under it's manager in a positve light. Question... Which of my facts were inaccurate? I mean you made a comment about accurate facts so can only presume you have something constructive to say... Eventually... What money have the owners invested exactly... Yes they paid £23 million for the club... But they have more then likely recouped that money from players sales, merchandising and advertising their brand... You say sarcastically that we don't want to return to no cash for player signings but correct me if i am wrong. But isn't our playing staff smaller then it ever was under the Trust? We also made much more from player sales then we did spend on purchases player wise? In fact this is exactly what we did under the trust. Sold our best and replaced with what we could... As i very much hinted in my article. Venkys still have room for reprieve. But only if they act sooner rather then later... Let me guess, you think you are right but the many thousands of protestors are wrong... Also something that really stinks is your implying that people who don't support Mr Kean, are not behind the club... This could not be further from the truth!Q! As for Martin O'Neil, i presume you are talking about the same man who managed 4 football teams over 8 years before he even arrived at Leicester City gaining promotions and trophies on his early management career? So again, what is your point other then some experienced managers need time to settle in? Kean is not a experenced manager. If we keep sitting on our hands he will relegate the club and you i am sure will be one of the first people to stand up and moan about people not doing anything... As for the Arsenal win, i don't think many people apart from the Rao's and Kean took any confidence from the win. Coming from somebody who actually watched the game, i have previously made my views of the game clear. But will reiterate. We were playing one of the weakest Arsenal teams in decades, were gifted 2 own goals and a Arsenal team that could not score easy goals many of which they should have put away in stoppage time alone! But hey, never mind... I am sure that you think it was a wonderful performance and that one win more then makes up for the awful record Kean has... Again... 28 games manager and he has won SIX! How can you gloss over that fact?! As for the "Bring back Sam comment" would recomend that you listen to the Vital Blackburn Rovers Podcast No 1# as 4 people including myself concluded they would have Sam back over the current manager and situation... So as you said earlier. Don't claim facts unless you know...
10/10/2011 01:40:00
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