Blackburn Rovers - Hughes To Man City, Could It Really Happen?!?!
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Hughes To Man City, Could It Really Happen?!?!

Blackburn Rovers manager Mark Hughes is now ALSO being linked with the vacant Manchester City job, with newspaper reports claiming an official approach has been made.

Sven Goran Eriksson has now officially been sacked (this being confirmed today), and the national media would have you understand that Man City want to make Hughes their next manager with their Thai owner Thaksin Shinawatra prepared to offer Sparky 3 million per year to lead their Premier League and UEFA Cup (something they have managed to scrape into via the Fair Play League) bids next season.

The thoughts from the media are that Sparky feels it is time to move on as he is frustrated with the lack of funds available to him at Ewood Park and although he doesn't crave the limelight and attention the time has come for his efforts to be fully recognised, which could mean leaving Rovers. An official approach has been made (according to the media) which Rovers have reluctantly accepted enabling Sparky to talk to Man City and he is expected to take over sometime this week???

I suspected that Chelsea could, and maybe would tempt him, Man City (despite all their supposed millions) was always going to be a BIG FAT NO for me, but maybe this will not be the case after all!!! Are you worried yet, because I am!!!


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The Journalist

Writer: Walker Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday June 2 2008

Time: 9:55AM

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I had no worry that Sparky would leave Rovers for Man City, as I thought this quite simply WOULDN'T happen. Maybe it is just all the media attention this is getting but now I'm not so sure!!! I'm VERY worried now that Sparky will no longer be in charge at Ewood next season and I worry what the implications of the fallout player wise (people leaving!) will be?!?! He would be wasting his talent going to Man City though!
Hughes Da Man
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02/06/2008 09:58:00

well ...wasting his talent in europe, with a vast amount of cash, big following! - he wont join either chelsea or blackburn..
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02/06/2008 10:07:00

He's already at Blackburn dude lol! Why would he want to go to Man City though, after the way Sven Goran Eriksson has been treated I'd be very cautious on taking a job their if it was me. Chelsea would be different, Man City just seems "a waste of talent".
Hughes Da Man
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02/06/2008 10:09:00

luka modric in the bag, giovanni dos santos in the on the way. cheers lads!!!!!!
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02/06/2008 10:27:00

HDM... don;t worry it is newspaper hype... Mark is on holiday at the moment... Why would he be interested in City if Chelsea on the cards? I saw an atricle this morning... using a quote that Sparky made last year! As far as funds are concerned... he has been offered 10 mill without the need to sell any players... that's more than the likes of benitez has been given! Keep the faith he'll be here in August.
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02/06/2008 10:33:00

I'm still not sure that he'll leave you, but if he will then I think he'll come to us and not City.
Fan of Blues
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02/06/2008 10:36:00

The official statement from BRFC is that Hughes is keen to speak with City, and the board have given him permission to do so. Not good. Why would he want to speak if he wasn't interested. If he went his backroom staff would go with him (bowen, Hitchcock, Eddie Zi...).
Decimus Poole
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02/06/2008 10:40:00

Well it is official he will be talking to man city! Hughes clearly has itchy feet now so this is going to be a summer of upheavel guys! Worried bout roque, bents, samba et al going now!
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02/06/2008 10:42:00

I am still not sure. It is bad news for us but Hughes says "he wants to talk to them". It doesnt mean he is going just yet. Lets not panic... if he wants to be here he will say no. If he doesnt want to be here lets get someone in that does.
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02/06/2008 10:49:00

Oh and great, another ignorant Spurs fan... fantastic, just what the world needs.
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02/06/2008 10:58:00

I think he is just looking at his options, maybe seeing if the new challenge would be nice keeping the blackburn board on their toes, trying to get blackburn to release some cash maybe. Yer im not sure if would go to City unless that chairman can sudnely be nice to Hughes and fool him into a false sense of security.
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02/06/2008 11:08:00

mikey i like the optimism, but if hes that keen to speak to city then he clearly wants out!! if he goes he leaves us in a far better state then he found us!! i can only think he is talking to city in an attempt to get chelsea to get the finger out and make him an offer
durks de rover
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02/06/2008 11:10:00

Yeah this could be a massive gamble for Hughes and I would be surprised if he went for it. It could ruin his rep with the United job getting closer!
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02/06/2008 11:11:00

I still think he'll stay Durk. I could be wrong but IF he does go then we need to be swift and get a manager in of the right quality to make sure the players dont follow suit. Having said that... Keep the faith.
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02/06/2008 11:31:00

From an outsider looking in, Hughes does seem to be getting more and more frustrated with you guys...however, i'd like to think he sees some sense, that the grass isn't always greener. He's obviously done a great job at Blackburn, and moving on to a bigger club is an option, but a team that is currently of lesser quality with an owner with an itchy trigger finger and clearly off his nut is just not the place for a rising manager. If he went to Chelsea, few would blame him, but I don't honestly think he's right for Chelsea. Hopefully for your sake, he goes to City for talks, realise it's not right and takes his place on the Blackburn bench in August. Don't suppose we can have Morten Gamst though?
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02/06/2008 12:13:00

sven anyone?
dunne deal
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02/06/2008 12:26:00

Why is it that Hughes can say 'I want to talk to them' and see what happens, and when it's our players he wouldn't entertain any moves for them by other clubs... Bentley has not said he wants to talk to other clubs, but gets verbally slapped down by critics on this site, yet Hughes were anxiously waiting to see if he'll get a nice offer from City? As I understand it Williams has given permission for City and Hughes to meet and talk - why?! Williams should be saying you're our manager, you're under contract, here's a nice transfer kitty, get us into europe next season, and finish what you've started out on.
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02/06/2008 12:59:00

amen to that FN1!!
durks de rover
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02/06/2008 13:07:00

Friedel No1 - i totally agree. Although he has done a great job and I would expect him to leave in a couple of years anyway, I too think that Hughes is being a total hypocrite. Telling our players that they have to stay, and its the club and not the person who decides when to leave, and then he himself "ask for permission" to talk to City...hmmm...thats being a hypocrite in my book. And whether he takes the job or not, I would not welcome him back at Ewood - apparently he is not feeling 100% for the Blackburn cause, which will effect his reputation in the club and lower the respect from the players. I say let him go - and get Slaven Bilic!
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02/06/2008 14:14:00

Fair enough if it was Chelsea that had come calling, but the fact that he is willing to talk to City is a clear indication that he's had enough of managing Rovers on a shoe-string budget. May sound harsh but I blame the board and the trustees for this situation arising. It was obvious that Sparky was getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of funds being made available even a year ago. This club has been up for sale for the best part of two years now, I dont think the board or the trustees have done enough to find new investors in that time. It was a priority two years ago and its still a priority!!! I've been all in favour of finding "the right investors" but now i'll gladly take "any investors". The longer this club remains in the hands of the trustees, the gulf in spending will increase between us and the teams around us, and if that happens we will be pushed down the Premier League ladder very very quickly!!!
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02/06/2008 14:57:00

This should'nt come as a huge surprise, although it has!!!, but the warning signs were there when he refused to rule himself out of the running for the Newcastle job a few months ago.
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02/06/2008 15:10:00

I don't think City will be an upwards step for Hughes. It will be a different step, but City and Blackburn have the same goals which is to acheive European football every season. City will have more money to spend, but the is not necessarily a good thing. However, with Hughes eye for a bargain, and armed with alot of money, he could bring in a lot of good players!
Decimus Poole
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02/06/2008 15:56:00

City have a plan B according to Sky Sports News, so there not overly confident that hughes will say yes.....touch wood!! he says no.
Simon Garner Legend
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02/06/2008 19:02:00

and there I was thinking Hughes had serious ambition!
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02/06/2008 19:13:00

I'll be pretty disappointed with Sparky if he did walk away to go to Man City, if he left for Chelsea I could accept that more, but Man City?!?! The problem is though once Sparky asked for this permission to talk to Man City he has made his position difficult at Ewood, so its going to be tough for him to come back now should this not come of (but I think either to Man City, or an outside chance Chelsea he will be gone dudes!) as the players could lose some respect for him as he would obviously not be as committed to the club as he KEEPS telling them they must be!!!
Hughes Da Man
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02/06/2008 19:15:00

and you will have to change your name HDM!!
Simon Garner Legend
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02/06/2008 19:17:00

hahah simon garner legend, hahaha that was a good one. lol. hahahaha, classic....AWESOME MAN!!!! hahaha. hahahah, lol, that was funny mate, hehehehehe, hahahaha, hohohohoh, hahahaha, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. nice one mate.
Report Abuse
02/06/2008 19:48:00

hahah united4life , hahaha that was a good one. lol. hahahaha, classic....AWESOME MAN!!!! hahaha. hahahah, lol, that was funny mate, hehehehehe, hahahaha, hohohohoh, hahahaha, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. nice one mate. how old are you mate 12?
durks de rover
Report Abuse
02/06/2008 20:13:00

on the topic!! sparky is gone none of these ifs and buts now he is gone end of, we thank him for what he has done for the club but its time to move on. who do we want as our next manager?
durks de rover
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02/06/2008 20:15:00

it wasnt even a joke :-/
Simon Garner Legend
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02/06/2008 20:58:00

Chelsea and City positions aren't disimilar,take the job and you have to deal with a tosspot interfering owner,both poisoned chalices,better off staying at Ewood Sparky.
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02/06/2008 22:33:00

Hughes would be a fool to move to City, it would be a step down ffs when you were winning the premier league they were in division 3. Hughes has done great for you guys and i hope he stays. As to the ignorant spurs fan, i agree he really is. But believe me the idiots are the minority!!!
Report Abuse
02/06/2008 23:44:00

ive given up hope of him staying, i read this morning sam alladyce is being lined up to repalce him, im not happy!!! this better not drag on its killing me already i want to know either way.
Simon Garner Legend
Report Abuse
03/06/2008 07:50:00

Good shout coxinthebox. But having sat tight for 24 hours I believe part of the reason Hughes has done this is to guage the interest level of Chelsea. I am pretty sure he will now leave. The question is... can we hold onto our players?
Report Abuse
03/06/2008 08:40:00

we will only hold onto our players if we get a manager who the players respect, muppets like allardyce and maclaren really dont fill me with confidence so i can only think how professional players would view them!! as much as sparky was a great manager i kinda want it to go tits up for him wherever he goes, as im a little bitter
durks de rover
Report Abuse
03/06/2008 12:37:00

We gambled on a limited experience manager like Hughes in the first place. So lets do it again, I would love Gary Johnson from Bristol City but would take Paul Ince or Alan Shearer. We need someone whos up and coming.
Report Abuse
03/06/2008 12:53:00

He's probably done as much as he can. Remember what happened to Bolton when Fat Sam left?
Report Abuse
03/06/2008 16:10:00


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